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Listening Rooms Opened

19 June 2020

The Listening Rooms are officially opened!

On the 10th March, the Listening Rooms centre was officially opened for use after the building works were completed in partnership with MPS and Orbit housing. The event was attended by a number of different partnership organisations within the area who came to see the new space, as well as to hear the vision for the listening rooms themselves.

The Listening Rooms will provide a much-needed facility to help support young people in Thanet, who currently have to travel to Dover to participate in CAMHS counselling. The Listening Rooms will initially target eight to 25-year-olds and will then expand to families and the wider community.

In addition to the travelling to Dover, young people in Thanet have a wait of around 12 weeks to see a counsellor. The Listening Rooms will provide trained counsellors to provide high-level interventions and listeners to offer low-level intervention and sign-posting support.

Although Covid may have stopped the Listening rooms from being able to start functioning in the new space, it is so good to have this resource readily available for young people when they need it.

We know that so many young people suffer with anxiety, and low mental health and with everything that is going on we know that this number is likely to rise which is why the Listening Rooms are needed so much at this time.

But whilst it may not be able to be open physically at the moment, the Listening Rooms are still active, providing training but also online resources and plans to be able to offer services for young people digitally until a time when the space will be fully operational.

It is so good to have a resource like this available for the young people of Thanet and can’t wait to see the impact it can have.